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Alleviate Chronic Neck Pain With Chiropractic

woman working with neck painSpending hours on electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets can place the body in an awkward position. As a result, chronic neck pain can develop. There’s a name for it—”tech neck.” Arthritis is another cause of chronic neck pain. In this case, the joints aren’t moving well.

Tips for Managing Tech Neck

Raise your screen higher
To avoid bending your head forward, hold your phone or tablet close to eye level. If you work on a laptop, consider getting a second monitor and adjusting the height.

Take frequent breaks
If your job requires that you look at a screen for an extended period each day, it’s important to take breaks. Get in the habit of taking a 2- or 3-minute break every 30 minutes. You can set the alarm on your phone to remind you. Take advantage of these breaks to switch your posture and move more. Be sure to keep your muscles loose and spine aligned.

Sit in a chair with a headrest
Your chair’s ergonomics can help you maintain proper posture and avoid tech neck. Choose a chair that has a headrest. While using your device or working at your computer, keep the back of your head flush against the headrest. Maintaining your head in this position will prevent you from looking downward with your neck bent forward.

The Power of the Adjustment

When you have chronic neck pain, from technology use, arthritis or other causes, chiropractic adjustments can help to get the joints moving properly. An adjustment provides the nutrition that the joint needs. It also promotes the flow of fluid inside the joint to make it move.

Also, the muscles won’t be as tense and tight. Getting adjusted helps decrease those feelings of tightness. Your body wants to move so if it can’t the muscles will stay tight, and you develop trigger points. They can get “angry.” That’s why we need to keep moving and stretching.

Home Care

We can provide you with exercises and stretches to do at home. Heat therapy also will be recommended.

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