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New Patient Reviews

Here’s what new patients are saying about Volunteer Chiropractic:

  • I received accupuncture treatment for neck pain and am now pain free! Thank you Dr. Watkins for helping me get my happy back.

    - Eileen M.
  • Dr. Watkins and the staff were great! I felt like the goal was to get my body moving like it should be without the pain as quickly as possible. Looking forward to further visits!

    - Scott P.
  • A great experience! Felt better than I have in a long time. Very caring doctor and staff.

    - Polly D.
  • The staff was amazing and so was Dr. Dan! Thank you so much!

    - Susan K.
  • Great first experience!

    - Brandon M.
  • From the first phone call to the end of my actual visit I found Lindsay and Dr.Dan to be professional, polite, efficient and they each made me feel at ease. I cant wait for my next visit!

    - Meredith T.
  • This was the first time I was ever adjusted and felt an incredible difference in my neck and back! I woke up the day after my appointment and was shocked at the huge difference in my range of motion and decreased pain level. Great big thank you!

    - Nancy C.
  • Great first visit. Definitely like the direction your proceeding with my care.

    - Paul D.
  • Dr. Dan is a miracle worker, and the ladies are just as amazing!

    - Ronald W.
  • Wonderful group of professionals! I’ve already spread the word, recommending Dr. Dan to friends and family… wish Dr. Dan made house calls to California!

    - Erika E.
  • I have been to other chiropractic offices and have always felt like they were just rushing to get done with their patients. My experience with Volunteer Chiropractic has been great. Thanks

    - Rita M.
  • I am from Lenoir city. Friends I go to church with have never been a patient but what they had heard about you was all good. They live just up the street from your office. First visit was great maybe get lined out then start building muscle mass in lower extremities. I am receiving compensation for neuropathy in lower extremities don’t want to be crippled. Thanks to all.

    - Gary C.
  • Thank you for welcoming me into your practice.

    - Michael L.
  • We are very happy to have found you!

    - Connor L.
  • Left there feeling better. Doctor and staff were awesome!

    - Dennis M.
  • I walked out feeling 90% BETTER.

    - Murray B.
  • Everyone was very nice. I was nervous, and they made me feel better.

    - Nancy G.
  • Everything I was looking for in a chiropractic experience. Dr. Watkins listened to my concerns. He was extremely supportive of my health goals. He was professional. Office staff was prompt and knowledgeable. I appreciate finding this practice.

    - Debra P.
  • So far best Dr. of anything to try in help. Thanks. Tipton #10

    - Randy T.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great first experience.

    - Claire A.
  • Great team of people!

    - Joshua S.
  • Thank you Dr. Watkins and Lindsay for a wonderful and successful appointment. I feel great.

    - Kimberly B.
  • Dr. Dan is the greatest.

    - Dan W.
  • All were very personable and friendly. Everything was explained thoroughly. Overall very pleased

    - Maurice A.
  • Dr. Dan was awesome! Very attentive and knowledgeable.

    - Judy B.

    - Loretta R.
  • Overall wonderful experience.

    - Dustin B.
  • It’s great to have such a friendly and professional office in Farragut. Dr. Watkins had me feeling better after my first visit.

    - Alfred K.
  • Wonderful staff and comfortable environment.

    - Laura S.

Engaged and Trusting

Dr. Dan is very professional, but has a down-to-earth personality. After my first appointment I felt that I could share anything with him about my life and that he was engaged in the issues I was seen for. I have always been fearful of visiting a chiropractor, but if all first experiences are like mine, no one would ever worry or be concerned about visiting a chiropractor for any reason.

- Kyle B.

Pain Significantly Reduced After One Visit

Dr. Watkins and the staff were fantastic, I was in quite a bit of pain when I visited Volunteer Chiropractic and after my visit, my pain was significantly reduced. I would not hesitate to recommend this practice to family and friends.

- Kate M.

Very Knowledgeable

I felt so much better after just my first visit. The doctor was efficient, informative, professional and obviously very knowledgeable. I’m looking forward to seeing them again.

- Marcella F.

Nice & Caring

Loved the office. Have not been to chiropractor in over 20 years but glad I am back. Dr. Watkins and staff (Lindsay) were so nice and caring. Ready to get on with 2021 with less or no discomfort. Will definitely refer anyone I know having issues. Thank you so much!

- Janie D.

Friendly & Professional

All staff were friendly and professional! Very impressed when they cleaned my driver’s license and insurance card before giving them back to me! Dr. Dan did a thorough examination and explained everything before treating me. My pain level was a 7 when I went in and a 3 when I left!

- Jackie D.

No Denying The Results!

I have seen Dr. Dan off and on for well over 10 years for my scoliosis and have always felt better after my appointments – I tell everyone about him because there is no denying the results and I have complete trust in him that he can help! Also he is super affordable and quick with the adjustment appointments – this is helpful especially when I bring my 2 year old.

- Melissa A.

Felt More Hopeful!

I am happy that Dr. Dan practices acupuncture as I am always willing to try an alternative healing option to drugs. It seems to be working! Dr. Dan has a very thoughtful and competent staff and he is willing to take the time to explain your problem and what course of action he feels is appropriate for healing. I felt more hopeful that I would eventually walk without pain after the first visit.

- Marsha W.

I Was Impressed!

I was impressed with everyone I spoke with at this office. Both Lindsay and Dr. Dan are very good at their jobs. I sat amazed at the patience and organization Lindsay showed at the front desk during a particularly busy time. Dr. Dan was very knowledgeable about weightlifting and possible cause of my injury. I was very happy with my experience, and already feel a little better.

- Ashley C.

Friendly, Knowledgeable & Helpful!

The staff was very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful… staff made me feel very comfortable and answered all of my questions… Dr. Watkins reviewed files sent by the VA and surprised me by informing me that I was there for neck pain management rather than lower back pain management which was all I have ever been treated for.

– Alan J.

100% positive

Dr. Dan has helped my husband finally conquer his pain with sciatica. After over a year of suffering and visiting many fine people, my husband found Dr. Dan who offered just the right approach. Today was my very first visit ever with a chiropractor, and, given my husband’s experience, I am 100% positive I am on the road to improving my sciatica issues that resulted from my body’s response to a hip replacement five years ago. I like Dr. Dan’s intelligent analysis and practical recommendations. His staff is also friendly and professional. Their attention to cleanliness is stellar. Thanks, VC!
-Mary K.

Friendly and Professional

I got some relief after the first visit, couldn’t believe it! Grateful for that. I am 60 yrs old and I have never visited a chiropractor and had no opinion, either way, other than I knew some people who had been helped by chiropractic care. I find Dr. Watkins is a good communicator and his office staff is friendly and professional.
-Reneau H.

Pain Greatly Reduced

First off, I have never been to a chiropractor and I am 49 years old. I had now idea what to expect. The pain in my arm was greatly reduced on my first visit. I look forward to coming in on Friday for my second visit to see what happens next.
-David P.

Hopeful For Relief

I have been dealing with a pulled hamstring for 2 weeks now with no success in helping the pain. I was so glad to see Dr. Watkins and feel hope we can resolve this issue.
-Linda C.

Top-Notch Service

From the time I was warmly greeted by Lindsey at the front desk until my session with Dr. Watkins was over I had top-notch service. As he undertook the procedure, he explained the methodology of the treatment, told me what to expect, and how these actions would positively impact on resolving my pain thereby leading to better overall health. I left feeling better than I had when I walked in, and after all isn’t that why we seek out a doctor.

- Carlos H.

Thanks to All

I am from Lenoir city. Friends I go to church with have never been a patient but what they had heard about you was all good. They live just up the street from your office. First visit was great maybe get lined out then start building muscle mass in lower extremities. I am receiving compensation for neuropathy in lower extremities don’t want to be crippled. Thanks to all.

- Gary C.

Exemplified Professionalism

There was such sincerity from every person that I encountered. Unlike past experiences with some offices the volunteer team seemed to care about you. I never felt rushed or like I was in the way. The staff exemplified professionalism while being approachable.

- Justin C.

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