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New Patient Reviews

Here’s what new patients are saying about Volunteer Chiropractic:

  • Dr. Dan was awesome! Very attentive and knowledgeable.

    - Judy B.
  • Great first visit, looking forward to future visits.

    - Susan W.
  • Overall wonderful experience.

    - Dustin B.
  • This was the first time I was ever adjusted and felt an incredible difference in my neck and back! I woke up the day after my appointment and was shocked at the huge difference in my range of motion and decreased pain level. Great big thank you!

    - Nancy C.
  • So far all of my experiences have been great!

    - Jennifer W.
  • From the first phone call to the end of my actual visit I found Lindsay and Dr.Dan to be professional, polite, efficient and they each made me feel at ease. I cant wait for my next visit!

    - Meredith T.
  • Great first experience!

    - Brandon M.
  • I was impressed with everyone I spoke with at this office. Both Lindsay and Dr. Dan are very good at their jobs. I sat amazed at the patience and organization Lindsay showed at the front desk during a particularly busy time. Dr. Dan was very knowledgeable about weightlifting and possible cause of my injury. I was very happy with my experience, and already feel a little better.

    - Ashley C.
  • So enjoyed meeting Dr. Watkins and his staff! I already feel better and hope that it continues.

    - Gloria S.
  • Wonderful staff and comfortable environment.

    - Laura S.
  • I received accupuncture treatment for neck pain and am now pain free! Thank you Dr. Watkins for helping me get my happy back.

    - Eileen M.
  • Dr. Dan is great! He listens to my issues and addresses them based on muscle testing at each visit, so each adjustment is different. I always feel much better after an adjustment.

    - Christina R.
  • Thank you Dr. Watkins and Lindsay for a wonderful and successful appointment. I feel great.

    - Kimberly B.
  • I loved how Dr. Watkins took the time to not not only explain my daughter’s injury to me but also to her. We didn’t feel rushed at all. Danielle

    - Ava E.
  • Wonderful group of professionals! I’ve already spread the word, recommending Dr. Dan to friends and family… wish Dr. Dan made house calls to California!

    - Erika E.
  • I walked out feeling 90% BETTER.

    - Murray B.
  • Very impressed. Thanks for your time.

    - Scott S.
  • Pain free after 1st visit. Great people.

    - Bo H.
  • A great experience! Felt better than I have in a long time. Very caring doctor and staff.

    - Polly D.
  • Everyone was very nice and informative.

    - Debra L.

    - Loretta R.
  • Enjoyed my visit and plan to recommend others.

    - Rick S.
  • Dr. Dan is the greatest.

    - Dan W.
  • Everything I was looking for in a chiropractic experience. Dr. Watkins listened to my concerns. He was extremely supportive of my health goals. He was professional. Office staff was prompt and knowledgeable. I appreciate finding this practice.

    - Debra P.
  • It’s great to have such a friendly and professional office in Farragut. Dr. Watkins had me feeling better after my first visit.

    - Alfred K.
  • Thanks for getting rid of my headache!

    - Traci K.

Pain Greatly Reduced

First off, I have never been to a chiropractor and I am 49 years old. I had now idea what to expect. The pain in my arm was greatly reduced on my first visit. I look forward to coming in on Friday for my second visit to see what happens next.
-David P.

Hopeful For Relief

I have been dealing with a pulled hamstring for 2 weeks now with no success in helping the pain. I was so glad to see Dr. Watkins and feel hope we can resolve this issue.
-Linda C.

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