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How Chiropractic Benefits Athletes

woman in physical therapyWhether you’re a passionate CrossFitter, runner, baseball player or occasional golfer, you want to perform at your best. Chiropractic care can help you do just that. This natural form of health care is used by professional and amateur athletes alike. Why? Because it works! Here are some ways that we can help athletes with chiropractic.

Identifying Problem Areas

Dr. Watkins is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician® (CCSP®) and has the knowledge and skills to help athletes of all levels. We look at what their sport is, what’s causing their problem (if they have any) and what problems they see.

For example, a baseball player may experience pain when throwing the baseball. Or a runner may have heel pain while running. During an examination, we look to make sure no other glaring problems are present like a soft tissue injury or a broken bone.

Boosting Athletic Performance

A chiropractic adjustment of the spine ensures proper alignment and reduces nerve interference between the brain and the rest of the body. Chiropractic care can allow the body to self-heal from an injury or tough work-out. When an athlete has proper blood flow and nerve function, they can enjoy better agility, higher speed, improved balance, greater strength and more.

Offering a Drug-Free Approach to Pain Relief

Given the opioid crisis that’s sweeping our nation, many people, particularly athletes, want a drug-free way to get out of pain. Chiropractic is incredibly effective in reducing pain naturally. Perhaps best of all, there are no side effects.

Giving Athletes a Tune-Up

Getting regular chiropractic tune-ups or adjustments can help to ensure your nervous system is functioning properly. Being under regular care also can help to prevent injuries.

Want to run farther without pain? Would you like to improve your golf game? Whatever your sport, chiropractic can help you be at the top of your game. Contact our office to schedule an appointment!

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