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Tips for Deleting This Modern-Day Malady

people standy by using mobile phonesJust look around and you’ll likely see plenty of people glancing down at their digital devices. Whether you’re on your smartphone, tablet or other gadgets, constantly looking down can cause postural problems and more.

Dr. Gregory Johnson, a Houston-based chiropractor, coined the term “tech neck” to describe the modern-day spine malady that results from spending many hours on digital devices.

Creating Added Pressure and Pain

Imagine this: tilting your head just 15 degrees can put 27 pounds of pressure on the neck. Looking down at your phone, iPad or even computer screen 365 days a year adds up to some degenerative issues. In particular, the nerves can become pinched or the discs can get pushed in different ways.

Over time, neck strains can result in long-term damage to the spine. The surrounding nerves, bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles also can be affected. Postural changes can develop as well. Pain associated with tech neck includes headaches, hand and wrist numbness or tingling as well as spasms in the shoulder.

Though technology isn’t going anywhere, it’s a good idea to adopt some tips to help avoid tech neck:

  • Hold the phone in front of you versus looking down.
  • Use your eyes to look down instead of lowering your head.
  • Keep your computer screen at eye level or tilt your chin up a bit to look at the screen.

Chiropractic and Stretches

We can provide you with some neck and upper back stretches to alleviate your tech neck. Chiropractic adjustments also can keep your neck, spine and back healthy.

If you think you’re suffering from tech neck, contact us today to book an appointment!

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