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What Do Symptoms Mean?

woman sitting on bed with headacheWhile no one likes to see that pesky check engine light on the dash, it’s an indicator that’s something wrong with your vehicle. Likewise, when we have a symptom such as a pain that comes out of nowhere, it’s critical that we pay attention to it. It means that something’s wrong, and we need to determine what is causing the problem.

Getting to the Root Cause

While the conventional medical approach focuses on treating symptoms, we believe that that’s just a temporary fix. It doesn’t address the real problem which can continue to occur.

If you’re a new patient, we will find out what has brought you in. If you’re an existing patient who comes in with something new, we will perform a re-exam. You’ll be asked several questions. For example, “Did you fall?” Or “Were you in a car accident?”

The exam process is where we find out other things that may be wrong. We base what we are going to do off the exam findings. The next step may be taking X-rays, going straight to care or referring out, if necessary.

Our Healing Solutions

If we determine that you can be assisted at our practice, we have an array of therapies at our disposal:

Don’t Ignore Your Check Engine Light

You may be tempted to ignore your symptoms, hoping that, over time, they will just go away. That’s a dangerous thing to do. The sooner we can identify what the problem is, the quicker we can address it and get you on the path to healing and feeling your best!

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